Covid Trays

In May 2021 I had my surreal Covid Story and it was the beginning of my painting venture. Having been in the middle of the Painting Intensive Workshop with Roseline de Thelin, I was inspired and on a painting flow when suddenly I found myself locked in a hospital room in confinement apparently having tested positive for COVID. The only symptoms I had were unusually swollen feet and slight fever, this being the reason I visited my doctor.

So as I found myself in this situation I discovered the paper trays they brought my food on were being thrown away each time, so I carefully made sure I did not dirty the tray and was able to use them as my canvases for some therapeutic watercolour painting. It was my saviour and healing journey in this strange place, so cold and sterile, no contact with nature, isolated from all human contact. Made me reflect on a lot and inspired me on the healing power of artmaking.