The artist’s path

My artistic journey is a flow of continuous exploration of the processes that form our lives, an exploration of nature, our connections with the cosmos, the connections between people, an exploration into the ancestors, the unseen, the mysterious, the sacred, the subconscious, dreams, an exploration into what is not there, what we cannot see, the essence that binds us all together. The invisible strings that attach us, the masks that cover our true identity, the masks of all the emotions and different ego dramas, the archetypes. All these are themes that interest me and that I explore and the art creating is a continuous flow of this stream of thought which is expressed in different ways.

At times it may come out as music, sound or a dance or maybe it will become some visual art, a photograph, painting, evolving and transforming. So there are layers of different mediums which come together and bring these explorations into manifestation to become something to share with others, but the finishing moment is difficult to define. Sometimes it is a never ending transformation, but on the way there can be finished pieces which can be shared, but the journey continues, so the exploration continues… This is the way I work and see art as being part of my life. Especially in the healing aspect of integrating the mind, body and soul, finding the source of any discomforts and healing through discovery, through becoming conscious and so the whole process is an ongoing healing process.

Words and sounds become really important and direct. I am finding different ways of expressing these feelings and starting a journey of transformation and I hope I can transmit the essence of what I am trying to express through my art.

Here I show a small part of my process which will be ever-changing so I will try to update and add new work regularly. There are all sorts from photographs, paintings, animations, films, collage, drawing and writing, sculpture, unfinished and finished.

Visual artist. Mixed Media. Layers. Photography. Painting. Animation. Installation. Collage. Film. Sound. Colour. Black and White. Surreal. Dreams. Ancestors. Sacred. Enquiry. Exploration.  Healing art. Conscious Art.


Mischa Fulljames

I grew up in Ibiza and as both my parents were artists I was surrounded by art all my life. Later I studied a multimedia Fine Art degree at Kingston University, London. My art medium has mainly been photography and some film animation installation, I have also done design work. 

Recently I love to layer and play with hands on creation involving paint, collage, sculpture forms and then moving into digital formats, photography, animation, film and sound. I find the layering process a way of exploring and questioning realities and then by going deeper finding the simplicity and essence. The final piece may be a static 2D image or there may be some movement…

I love to use light and shadow, nature, abstract forms, mystery and beauty, connections with the ancient. I like to explore contrast and contradictions, the hidden subconscious world and the conscious, dreams, instinctive painting taken to another level with movement and sound.

My wish is that each art piece can speak to the viewer in its own language and transmit more than words can express alone.


Browse through some of my themes of the present moment. You can find images in different mediums, films and animated photos with sound.  

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